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EDITORIAL: Heartless and Unpatriotic

Posted by RCG-SL on September 23, 2014 at 2:40 PM

Our people are dying and our lives are being threatened on a daily bases by ebola and when some Sierra Leoneans are taking the risk to contain the spread of the virus others are bent on exploiting the situation for money.

Heartless and unpatriotic! Reason for our nation to continue to swaddle in the slow development pace we are in, despite continued efforts by the Government to change our economic and social predicament.

As long as we continue to think like aliens in our own country, betray the efforts of our Governments and use foul mediums to drag the image of the state to disrepute, we are only killing the people we pretend to protect.

There are Sierra Leoneans who could better be identified enemies of the state due to their action in society and their contribution to the predicament of the people.

Stories abound of people greedily making rich in the agonies of the people of Sierra Leone.

Millions of Leones were given to some people in society to mount robust ebola awareness raising campaigns; but then, rumours are rife that those trusted individuals, are having amongst them, people who have already fall short of credibility and are greedily digging into the remains of the carcass.

While the Government, friends of Sierra Leone and patriotic citizens are doing all they could to contain the virus, there are those that are filing wrong information to the diaspora and painting the nation in bad colours.

Recently, there was rumour in the US that the World Bank has stopped support for Sierra Leone as a result of Government’s handling of ebola monies. There was also the wrong report that the recent strike action of nurses was as a result of unpaid salaries.

The information created uproar in the diaspora until when some sectors got the right information to the cause of the strike action. But then, for God’s sake, are we making Sierra Leone or destroying the only country we have? Are we seeking the interest of our people or creating a platform for our own selfish gains?

As the nation continues to struggle and needing all hands on deck for containment of the virus, there are those whose focus is about money, money, and money! Sad to say that despite all that was done to ensure a change of attitude, our mindset are still obliterated.

However, there is still hope for there are those that want a better Sierra Leone and as we heed to the call for the three days home stay, let us make full use of the moment and make ebola history.

Let us inform our stubborn friends and families that ebola is real; that they must not seek ‘pepper doctors’; must not touch bodies of ebola victims; and must heed to information from the Ministry of Health and Sanitation.

For us to be able to contain the virus and ensure that Sierra Leone is free from further ebola ravage we must make use of the information now available to us and help sensitize others, especially the most vulnerable in society and illiterates.

We must make good use of these days and ensure we win this health war so that those heartless and unpatriotic people will not savour their makings, but remain to regret their folly in society.


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