Making Cancer A Priority In Sierra Leone

Spread the WORD through advocacy


Watching your child undergo treatment for childhood cancer is not easy: especially the tender love and hope she/he provides to you and the family. The pain of having to witness your love one suffering while he/she should be playing and smiling.

What can we do?

The campaign to control cancer among children will be a challenge in Africa and Sierra Leone in particular, but we could change the wheel to our own advantage through collaboration and make childhood cancer a national issue. We can achieve this through awareness raising campaigns and lobbying with stakeholders.


Like Fatmata Kamara, a unique case of a child suffering from cancer tumor in her eye, childhood cancer is not all that uncommon. The public therefore needs to be aware that childhood cancer occurs in 1 in every 330 children by the age of 19, and that childhood cancer has not yet been "cured".

Awareness will hopefully lead to increased private donations as well as increased governmental funding of childhood cancer research.

Childhood cancer statistics

As of now there is no standard statistics on children suffering from cancer in Sierra Leone. Statistical data on the disease can help control the disease as cases will be traced as to their nature of occurrence.

In this regard, we request you join us to spread the word of childhood cancer in your community.